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The Site

I'm Melinda, a big fan of the Greek-American actress Melina Kanakaredes who once starred in the NBC prime-time drama Providence and is currently one of the stars of the hit CBS crime-drama CSI: New York.

I think she is incredible in everything she does. She is hilarious at times, brilliant other times, and beautiful all the time. She never ceases to amaze me when I see her on the television screen.

My co-owner Lindsay and I feel very privileged to have the only official Melina fanlisting. If you feel like we do about Melina and you want to show it, please join this list. Becoming a member allows you to put up a button on your website, blog, online journal, etc. and be listed here with Melina fans from all around the world. If you're interested, please go join.

Beautiful Soul is part of The Fanlistings.Org and Divine Providence, the Melina site which I own, also with Lindsay.

The Layout

The inspiration to name this "Beautiful Soul" came from a quote by Melina's Providence co-star Mike Farrell in an article from People Magazine when she was named one of the "50 Most Beautiful People" of 1999:

"I'm used to meeting beautiful women in this business; what I'm not used to is meeting one with such a beautiful soul."
I just find it so incredibly sweet that he said that about her. And it's true. She does have a beautiful soul.

The fonts used in the graphics on this layout are "violation" (cursive) and "04b03" (pixel). Credit for the pictures of Melina used throughout the site goes to Sarah (aka "Tink") for scanning them in from OK! Magazine (June 12, 2006) for me. Look for the full versions at DP.